Friday, December 3, 2010

Lagos Business Directory

At whatever time you ask people to do things differently, you interrupt their habitual ways of doing things.  This tends to make people feel gauche or uncomfortable as they struggle to purge the old responses and learn the new. Leaders who have their companies found in the Lagos Business Directory always think back to their own experience and end up understanding the people they work with.  Whether it be learning to use a computer or dealing with a new manager, these leaders recall the self-consciousness that they felt.
Even for positive changes such as promotions or recognition, people will concentrate on what they will be losing. Change leaders found in Lagos Companies acknowledge the loss of the old ways and do not get frustrated at what may seem to be absurd or tentative response to change.  Everyone feels or wants to feel that their situation is unique and special. Unfortunately, this tends to boost the sense of segregation for people undergoing change. It is important for these change leaders to be proactive and gentle in showing that the employee’s situation is understood.  If employees see these change leaders are emotionally and practically supportive during the tough times, their position will be enhanced and the change will be easier.
On a personal level, people who undergo too much change within too short a time will become dysfunctional and in some cases may become physically sick. Change leaders who have their companies on the Lagos Yellow Pages do not pile change upon change upon change on an employee even though sometimes some changes are beyond their control.  While changes such as downsizing bring opportunity to do other positive things, the timing of additional changes is important. If one is contemplating introducing changes that are under their control, it may be a good idea to bounce the idea off employees.